Monday, December 26, 2011

Hand Scanners Installed at UMaine Dining Halls Has Mixed Reviews

UMaine has installed hand scanners at its dining facilities in an attempt to limit sharing of student identification cards for "free meals". Some students had purchased "all you can eat" meal plans and were sharing these cards with other students who did not have a meal plan - which costs the university money. It would appear that biometric security is slowly making its way into our life. While the installation of the hand scanners are limiting dining room fraud this also raise some health and privacy issues. Students are required to put their hand on the hand scanner while entering the lunch line - hmmmm. Is this sanitary? Students also have their palm print embedded on a database. The college says this palm print is secure and cannot get compromised. Another big hmmmmm. Read more in "UMaine using hand scanners at dining halls to deter sharing of ID cards", Bangor Daily News, December 25, 2011.

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