Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Emergency Law Protects Maine Gun Permit Holders Privacy

In response to the request by the Bangor Daily News to numerous police agencies for the names and addresses of all Maine residents with a permit to carry a firearm the Maine legislature voted 129-11 to protect the privacy of gun permit holders with an emergency law. This soundly puts the Banger Daily News on notice that their ill thought out request back-fired on them. The measure protects the privacy of the gun permit holders for at least until April 30, 2013 which gives the Maine legislature time to draft a more permanent solution to gun permit holders privacy rights. Many critics say releasing the information to the public will jeopardize the safety of domestic violence victims, police officers, judges, and others. In addition, it will help criminals to target those homes where gun carry permits are not listed. Read more in "New Maine law makes gun-permit data private", Portland Press Herald, February 19, 2013.

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