Friday, February 15, 2013

Governor LePage Moves to Block Release of Gun Carrying Owners Personal Information

In response to a Bangor Daily News request to Maine police departments for the personal information of gun carry permit owners Governor LePage has acted to prevent the disclosure of this personal information. He has filed an emergency bill that will immediately block the release of personal information included on Maine concealed-weapons permits. The personal information that would have been made public included the names, addresses and dates of birth of permit holders. Many permit holders would have been put in awkward if not dangerous positions - including retired police officers, judges, and victims of domestic violence. In addition, it would make it a little easier for criminals to pick houses that did not have weapons permits at those addresses. Many feared that the Bangor Daily News would go public with the information putting it on a web site much like a New York newspaper did recently. Read more in "LePage moves to block data on concealed weapon permits", Portland Press Herald, February 15, 2013.

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