Monday, March 10, 2014

133rd Engineer Battalion Serving in Afghanistan

The Maine Army National Guard 133rd Engineer Battalion is currently serving in the Afghan Conflict. With the retrograde mission in Afghanistan currently underway the 133rd is playing a key role. The 133rd is serving at Bagram Air Field (just north of Kabul) and in other areas of Regional Command East. This battalion has been augmented with engineer companies from other states to include New Jersey and Alabama. One of the attached companies is the 1151st Engineer Company of the Alabama Army National Guard. It is somewhat interesting that an Alabama Army National Guard company is assigned to the 133rd giving the history of the civil war (the 133rd carries on the lineage and traditions of the 20th of Maine and the Battle of Gettysburg and Battle of Little Round Top). Someone with a perverse sense of humor at National Guard Bureau? Hmmmm. What would Joshua Chamberlain say?

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