Saturday, March 19, 2016

Guide to Body Armor

If you are a security officer, bodyguard, or close protection specialist in the corporate world then protective clothing and equipment should be an important part of how you defend yourself. Body armor could be a piece of equipment that would offer you some protection in some circumstances. While the vast majority of security officers do not need body armor there are those that should have this basic piece of equipment available. One of the selection factors for choosing body armor is the type of job you have. Those security officers performing VIP or Executive Protection duties should consider the use of body armor. Certainly, if you are a security contractor in a war zone (Afghanistan or Iraq) then the use of body armor is a must. If your presence is one that must be minimized then concealable body armor is appropriate. If you are doing open carry work in a war zone then an overt body armor like the graphic displayed in this post is applicable. Learn more about body armor in a recent article (March 2016) entitled:

Security Operatives and Protective Equipment: A Guide to Body Armor

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